Sunday, December 7, 2008

What Qualifies a Quarterback as Great?

Recently Mr. Scott (aka 80's Dork) and I had an interesting conversation about what make a quarterback great.  The question was whether or not a quarterback with great stats on a sucky team can still be consider great.  For instance Drew Brees is a great quarterback for fantasy football, but his team is the tank, on the flip side Peyton Manning had not had a great year stats wise, but is leading his team to the playoffs.  So can a quarterback be considered great even though he is on a bad team?  What really matter the individual or the team?  
I think the overall team is more important.  I think that what makes a quarterback great is overall team performance and leadership.  This is shown in how they win; what I mean is they find a way to win.  What do you think about this topic?  I would love to hear what Mr. Scott and IUFan77 (aka Axel) think about all of this.