Thursday, March 5, 2009

So Long T.O.

Well, the stock in popcorn might have seen its better days, at least for the time being. The Dallas Cowboys just 9 months after granting a contract extension to Terrell "Getcha Popcorn Ready" Owens, Big D released him on Wednesday evening. Of course this news will be at the top of every news talk program, sports blogs and cable why disappoint those "die-hard" TO fans? I am not sure if this move will bring the Cowboys any closer to a post-season victory or the Super Bowl, but only time will tell. This sports fan heard T.O. and Tony's relationship really went south when T.O. commented on Romo's gal pal's "voluptuous new figure". Obviously the gag order implented by J.J. probably didn't sit well with T.O. also as we all know T.O. has to share his feelings concerning "his team" and "his quarterback". Anyway, T.O. is back in the pool and is searching for his fourth marriage partner. I compiled a list of each of the NFL teams and the possibility of T.O. making their rosters. So sit back, relax, and grab some popcorn, this could take awhile......or maybe not.

Philadelphia Eagles - been there, done that.....doubt it seriously.

San Fransisco - yeah right, I guess they throw the ball five or six times a game..

Dallas - Don't count out JJ on changing his mind...

Washington - I wouldn't be surprised if Dan Snyder makes a move for another post-prime diva.

Minnesota - TO and Brad Childress never got along in Philly, wouldn't work in 'Sota.

Chicago - TO wouldn't get enough looks as Orton and Grossman throw more to the opposition.

Green Bay - Fans would sell their stock quickly if there was any talk of TO playing in the tundra.

Arizona - They did play in the Super Bowl....they could surprise again if they can't resign Boldin.

St. Louis - Even TO couldn't help the Rams.

Seattle - Rain makes popcorn soggy.

Atlanta - Doubt it, they just recovered from the Vick fiasco.

Detroit - TO + Rookie QB = Rookie QB career killed.

NY Giants - TO or Plaxico.....don't know if TO is into guns....

New Orleans - Could be a fit with a great QB.

Tampa Bay - Who's the QB?

Carolina - There is only 1 reciever in Carolina...and if you don't like it, Steve Smith will make you like it!

Indianapolis - I think one Indy pro team with issues is enough for the city.

Houston - Could he have better numbers in Houston.....that would be a kick in the pants to JJ and Big D.

Tennessee - Kerry Collins does need a quality reciever....

Jacksonville - A run-first, throw-second mentality isn't a good fit with TO.

New York Jets - They just had one Ego retire, could they invite a second to do the same?

New England - They took a chance on Randy Moss and it was successful?? Maybe.

Miami - Bill Parcels and Terrell Owens is like oil and water.

Buffalo - Mediocre QB and TO......the next Odd Couple?

Oakland - Where all post-prime or egos go at one time in their career.

San Diego - Philip Rivers thinks he is tough, TO thinks he is important....we might have a match?

Denver - Already set with Marshall and Royal.

Kansas City - Matt Cassell and TO might work......Cassell and Moss went ok.

Baltimore - Wasn't he supposed to play there before?

Cincinnati - I would love to see this as a fan. Ocho Cinco and TO on the same would be Hee-Haw on a football field.

Pittsburgh - Big Ben would woop TO the first time he started any crap.

Cleveland - Cleveland has a football team?

Good Luck with your new capital venture TO!