Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Will you please go home!

You remember when you were a kid and there was that friend that would never go home. If you did, you can see the similarities with the circus surrounding Brett Favre's indecision on his retirement. For a second time, we hear that Favre is now considering un-retiring to play for his former team's nemesis, the Minnesota Vikings. I thought, er hoped, that following his shoulder surgery and numerous denials on a return that the book might have finally been closed on the Favre saga. I might have been a little to premature in that assumption. What is he really expecting to do? Take the Vikings to a Super Bowl? Not likely. A playoff appearance? Maybe. But if he is coming back just to try to "stick it" to his former team, he is being ridiculous. I don't fault the Packers for how they handled the situation. They had a solid quarterback who backed up Favre for 2 years waiting for his shot at the starting position....and they were better with Rodgers at QB than Favre! The Pack didn't force him to retire, so why are they the bad guys? Sure the fans might have been upset, but I bet they forgot that when the Packers had a solid season and could look to the future with their young QB. Gimme a break, Favre. I really think he has no other hobby or talent and just can't separate himself from his NFL career. (To Favre from the NFL) "Well Brett, it is time to go home, you are cramping my style."

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kudos to Dontae Stallworth.....

Following my most recent post, I was glad to read a story involving the Cleveland Brown's Dontae Stallworth. Stallworth unfortunately was involved in a DUI Manslaughter of a man in Miami following the conclusion of the NFL season. I do not condone drinking and driving whatsoever, but it seems as though Stallworth is taking responsibility for his actions. He remained at the scene of the accident and informed police that it was indeed his fault, he agreed to do community service and probation for alcohol/drug use and take coordinating preventative classes, as well as pay a large amount of money to the victim's family to avoid any lawsuit. Now I commend that he is taking responsibility for a mistake, albeit a very tragic one. He will have to live with the fact that he took another life, which for any normal person would be severe punishment in itself. He only recieved a sentence of 30 days in jail and lifetime suspension of his drivers license, which only makes since. He most likely will be suspended by the NFL and will be under the microscope when it comes to his behavior off the field. Time will only tell if this star will keep his nose clean and enjoy a lengthy career or will be relegated to a spectator in record time. No matter what it is certain, he is getting a second chance and it that fails, he could always play in the CFL, right Ricky?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Where Should the Line Be Drawn?

Any sports fan can see that the athletes that represent the teams we support, are becoming more and more apt to off-the-field issues. The NFL has had to deal with these issues continually for the past few years as the incidents have seemed to have increased. The most notable athlete to have been involved in off-the-field illegal acts was none other than Michael Vick. I personally have never been a fan of Vick, but he is exciting to watch nonetheless. When Vick was arrested for his involvement in dogfighting, the NFL definately took a hit. Vick was the NFL's "Golden Boy" as well as the Atlanta Falcons' answer to a Super Bowl drought. Unfortunately for Vick, the Falcons, Nike and his countless fans, he was sentenced to 23 months in prison. Thanks for playing Mike, hope you enjoy your life after football.....but wait......he may be back? Yes, Vick may be reinstated into the NFL following a stint at Leavenworth. I agree that everyone should have a second chance (with exceptions) but does he deserve to play professional football again and reap the rewards of multi-million dollar contracts? I don't pretend to know much about the legal system, but I am aware that former felons do have difficulties finding employment when they are released back into society. I think it is laughable that it is harder for former felons to find a job at McDonalds than it is to find a job in the NFL. Let's look at some of the players in the NFL that have had recent run-ins with the law: Plaxico Burress-shot himself in his thigh with a gun he had in the waistband of his sweatpants; Pacman Jones-too many times he has made it "rain" or was a conspirator in a shooting of somekind; and Tank Johnson-was found with an arsenal of illegal weapons, large enough to invade a small country. What owner would want to associate their franchise with these idiots? Winning is great, but is it worth sacrificing the integrity of your franchise and its employees? Some questions seem very easy to answer, I guess the more money you have the harder to use common sense is. Jerry, listen to Nancy.

Just Say No!

If Nancy Reagan were Jerry Jones' mother, a conversation could look a lot like this:

Jerry: Mom, some reporters have asked me if I intend to bring 'Pac-Man' back to the team.

Nancy: What did you tell them?

Jerry: Well...I may have lead them to believe that I was interested, and that 'Pac-Man' would be the best defensive back on the team.

Nancy: Are you serious?!?! Have I taught you nothing?!?! Don't do it Jerry! It will ruin your life, er Franchise!

Jerry: But, I like to hang out with the thugs and if they ask me to do something that I don't really want to do, I won't inhale.

Nancy: Jerry, Just say 'NO'! You don't have to give into the peer (Media) pressure! Walk away, JUST SAY 'NO'!!

Jerry: Are you even listening to me?!?! Do you even care what I have to deal with?!?!

Nancy: NO!! JUST SAY 'NO'!!!

So, in other words Jerry, Just say 'NO'. Don't fall into this media trap, and please don't bring anymore thugs to the team. I am begging you there are enough off the field issues to deal with, and besides what happened to Terrence Newmann?? Is he gone? That's the 'Boys' best DB right there. Shut your mouth, and keep 'Pac-Man' away!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Back Together!

This post goes out to all our readers (as most posts do):
I'm sorry we've let you down. We will try to be better, please don't leave. I know that there are other blogs out there some better, some not as good, and bloggers that may give more attention to their blogs. But we have recommitted to running a good blog. One that is filled with the greatest nonsense. One that will put all other outrageous blogs to shame. One that, when we look back on this we may be a bit embarassed by the petty little things we argued about. Yes, one that we can all be proud of!