Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kudos to Dontae Stallworth.....

Following my most recent post, I was glad to read a story involving the Cleveland Brown's Dontae Stallworth. Stallworth unfortunately was involved in a DUI Manslaughter of a man in Miami following the conclusion of the NFL season. I do not condone drinking and driving whatsoever, but it seems as though Stallworth is taking responsibility for his actions. He remained at the scene of the accident and informed police that it was indeed his fault, he agreed to do community service and probation for alcohol/drug use and take coordinating preventative classes, as well as pay a large amount of money to the victim's family to avoid any lawsuit. Now I commend that he is taking responsibility for a mistake, albeit a very tragic one. He will have to live with the fact that he took another life, which for any normal person would be severe punishment in itself. He only recieved a sentence of 30 days in jail and lifetime suspension of his drivers license, which only makes since. He most likely will be suspended by the NFL and will be under the microscope when it comes to his behavior off the field. Time will only tell if this star will keep his nose clean and enjoy a lengthy career or will be relegated to a spectator in record time. No matter what it is certain, he is getting a second chance and it that fails, he could always play in the CFL, right Ricky?

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