Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Will you please go home!

You remember when you were a kid and there was that friend that would never go home. If you did, you can see the similarities with the circus surrounding Brett Favre's indecision on his retirement. For a second time, we hear that Favre is now considering un-retiring to play for his former team's nemesis, the Minnesota Vikings. I thought, er hoped, that following his shoulder surgery and numerous denials on a return that the book might have finally been closed on the Favre saga. I might have been a little to premature in that assumption. What is he really expecting to do? Take the Vikings to a Super Bowl? Not likely. A playoff appearance? Maybe. But if he is coming back just to try to "stick it" to his former team, he is being ridiculous. I don't fault the Packers for how they handled the situation. They had a solid quarterback who backed up Favre for 2 years waiting for his shot at the starting position....and they were better with Rodgers at QB than Favre! The Pack didn't force him to retire, so why are they the bad guys? Sure the fans might have been upset, but I bet they forgot that when the Packers had a solid season and could look to the future with their young QB. Gimme a break, Favre. I really think he has no other hobby or talent and just can't separate himself from his NFL career. (To Favre from the NFL) "Well Brett, it is time to go home, you are cramping my style."

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