Friday, June 12, 2009

Just Say No!

If Nancy Reagan were Jerry Jones' mother, a conversation could look a lot like this:

Jerry: Mom, some reporters have asked me if I intend to bring 'Pac-Man' back to the team.

Nancy: What did you tell them?

Jerry: Well...I may have lead them to believe that I was interested, and that 'Pac-Man' would be the best defensive back on the team.

Nancy: Are you serious?!?! Have I taught you nothing?!?! Don't do it Jerry! It will ruin your life, er Franchise!

Jerry: But, I like to hang out with the thugs and if they ask me to do something that I don't really want to do, I won't inhale.

Nancy: Jerry, Just say 'NO'! You don't have to give into the peer (Media) pressure! Walk away, JUST SAY 'NO'!!

Jerry: Are you even listening to me?!?! Do you even care what I have to deal with?!?!

Nancy: NO!! JUST SAY 'NO'!!!

So, in other words Jerry, Just say 'NO'. Don't fall into this media trap, and please don't bring anymore thugs to the team. I am begging you there are enough off the field issues to deal with, and besides what happened to Terrence Newmann?? Is he gone? That's the 'Boys' best DB right there. Shut your mouth, and keep 'Pac-Man' away!

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