Tuesday, August 4, 2009

IUfan77's 2009 NFL Predictions....most likely to go wrong.

Well, NFL training camps began this past weekend so I figured it would be ideal to make my predictions for the upcoming season. Here goes.

NFC East

1. New York Giants - Pierce cleared and Hakeem Nicks possibly being groomed to replace Burress, Eli and Co. should be the team to beat in the NFC East.

2. Dallas - with T.O. and Jessica gone, Tony can now concentrate on utilizing some talent, hopefully Roy Williams won't disappoint in the Big D. Unfortunately what is keeping Dallas down is their pushover coach who doesn't have the intestinal fortitude to lead them to a top spot but can maybe get them a wildcard.

3. Philadelphia - If Westbrook and McNabb can stay healthy and the break-out receiving core from last year can produce, Philly could take the #2 spot and the wildcard from Dallas.

4. Washington - 'skins will be right where they were last year.....bottom feeding....with a .500 record most likely.

NFC North

1. Chicago - Cutler was a great addition to a team that still needs wide receivers.....but if Forte can put up the numbers he did last season and someone can step up for Cutler to throw to, the Bears could be pretty solid on both sides of the ball.

2. Minnesota - Oh how great it would've been if Brett decided to unretire? Well poor preparation by the Vikes got them a great receiver in Percy Harvin, but with Sage Rosenfels and Tavaris Jackson as the quarterback...they just blew millions of dollars....I hope AP is fully rested for another workhorse year.....the Vikes finish second because GB and Detroit are just not that good.

3. Green Bay - Another year...another mediocre season expected by the Pack. Rodgers will put up decent numbers, but the running and passing games are not too flashy and the defense can be suspect at times.

4. Detroit - Well they should win a few games this season. Hopefully Stafford will not become another Joey Harrington and ruin his career before it even began. He does have Calvin Johnson to throw to, but who is in the backfield this year?

NFC South

1. New Orleans - The Saints should be able to win the NFC South as long as their main weapons stay healthy. With an assortment of receivers and running backs last year, the Saints never really marched anywhere. If Bush, Shockey and Colston stay healthy, they should be pretty tough.

2. Atlanta - Matt Ryan proved that he belongs after his remarkable Rookie season in 2008. If Ryan and Turner can follow it up with the same numbers, Atlanta could challenge for the top spot. Key additions this year....1....Tony Gonzalez.

3. Carolina - I don't know how the Panthers did as well as they did last year....Delhomme was awful and Steve Smith went around assaulting his own teammates.....doubt they will be the top team in 09.

4. Tampa Bay - Although they are predicted to finish last in the division, I think they could finish around .500. A very mediocre team with a very mediocre finish.

NFC West

1. Arizona - This may sound crazy, but I think the Cards will repeat as division winners this year. Ok not really since their competition is pretty weak...I mean this is the weakest division in football.

2. Seattle - The Seahawks acquired TJ "Who's Yo Mama" in the offseason, but the success of the Seahawks will hinge on who's throwing the ball.....Hasselback or Wallace.

3. San Fransisco - They drafted a talented young wide receiver, but without a quarterback that can throw downfield, Crabtree's rookie season might be very disappointing.

4. St. Louis - More like St. Poouis.

AFC East

1. New England - There is no way Miami will win the division two years in row. Plus, Brady's back and he is ready to get on the field and away from changing those diapers.

2. Buffalo - The T.O. show has come back to the East coast. I think if T.O. and Edwards can coexist, with Lynch in the backfield, this young Bills team might win some games and raise some eyebrows.

3. Miami - Good running game, but how many times can you run the Wildcat offense and be successful?

4. New York Jets - USC alum Mark Sanchez is supposed to be the same caliber QB as Matt Leinart? And where exactly is Leinart on the Cards depth chart? Sorry Jets fans, Brett has left the building.

AFC North

1. Pittsburgh - As long as Roethlesberger can keep his mind on football and not on fast woman and pretty motorbikes, the Steelers should win the Central again.

2. Baltimore - Flacco got an early present when Derrick Mason unretired. Mark Clayton is an ok receiver and Willis McGahee can still rocket. The Ravens have a decent chance of competing with the Steelers for no. 1.

3. Cincinnati - I think the Bengals will get back to winning games now that Carson Palmer and Chad Ocho Cinco are now bff's again. They still have a suspect backfield and a lot of "suspects" on the roster.

4. Cleveland - Braylon Edwards is hurt in training camp and Dontae Stallworth will miss much if not all of the season due to his legal situation. I doubt the "Mangenious" Mangini can do much with this roster in 09.

AFC South

1. Indianapolis - The Colts should fire on all cylinders from day one as long as Peyton stays healthy. My only concern is the no. 2 wide receiver choice. I like Gonzalez, but the Colts need some height on the outside. If the defense shows up for all 16 regular season games, the Colts should win it all in 09.

2. Tennessee - The Titans took advantage of off-seasons by the Colts and Jags and really coasted through the season on the backs on their running backs and defense. The Titans will still beat down their opponents with the running game, but sooner or later, defenses will figure them out.

3. Jacksonville - The jury is out for the Jags. I think they or Houston are interchangeable in the last two spots.

4. Houston - Andre Johnson and some luck can get the Texans out of the cellar and maybe above .500.

AFC West

1. San Diego - LT and Rivers will make sure the Bolts win the AFC West, but LT is slowing with age so his chance at a Super Bowl win is slipping away quickly. It is now or never for SD.

2. Kansas City - This an upset in my mind, but Cassell has showed some promise and the West is wide open after the top spot.

3. Denver - The Broncos traded away a spot in the playoffs when they traded Cutler for Orton. The Broncos will be lucky if they finish ahead of the Raiders in 09.

4. Oakland - Blah, blah, blah. When are they signing Vick?

Well there you have it I hope you found my predictions to completely inaccurate, because they most likely will be.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What to expect in the upcoming NFL season.....

This upcoming NFL season should be an exciting, as always, but there might be some additional excitement because of some interesting storylines around the league. Here are my predictions on what we can expect to see in the upcoming season.

1. The T.O. show will tank on and off the field....as will the Bills' season. The pagentry surrounding the arrival of a pre-madonna like Owens is ridiculous (a key to the city presented to him and a parade with dancers and a marching band), when the season begins and Owens realizes where he is and who is throwing to him we will see his true colors once again as he takes the Bills organization hostage and single-handedly ruin Trent Edwards' career.

2. Michael Vick will return to the NFL.....although I am one of the few who believes he should be banned for life from the game, he has served his time and will ultimately get another chance. The questions is when and where will he end up? The new cheer for Vick will be constant dog barking and howling.

3. Brett Favre will un-retire....again.

4. Chad Ochocinco will be back in his all-pro form and the Bengals will turn things around.

5. The Cardinals will make back-to-back trips to the playoffs.

6. Tom Brady will be relegated to diaper duty at the Brady household and at the Patriots complex.

7. Plaxico Burress will learn his lesson and wear pants with pockets when carrying his concealed weapon.

8. Tony Romo and the Cowboys will finally win another playoff game now that the two major distractions are gone...TO and Jessica.

No matter what does or doesn't happen, it should be a great year for the fan!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Will you please go home!

You remember when you were a kid and there was that friend that would never go home. If you did, you can see the similarities with the circus surrounding Brett Favre's indecision on his retirement. For a second time, we hear that Favre is now considering un-retiring to play for his former team's nemesis, the Minnesota Vikings. I thought, er hoped, that following his shoulder surgery and numerous denials on a return that the book might have finally been closed on the Favre saga. I might have been a little to premature in that assumption. What is he really expecting to do? Take the Vikings to a Super Bowl? Not likely. A playoff appearance? Maybe. But if he is coming back just to try to "stick it" to his former team, he is being ridiculous. I don't fault the Packers for how they handled the situation. They had a solid quarterback who backed up Favre for 2 years waiting for his shot at the starting position....and they were better with Rodgers at QB than Favre! The Pack didn't force him to retire, so why are they the bad guys? Sure the fans might have been upset, but I bet they forgot that when the Packers had a solid season and could look to the future with their young QB. Gimme a break, Favre. I really think he has no other hobby or talent and just can't separate himself from his NFL career. (To Favre from the NFL) "Well Brett, it is time to go home, you are cramping my style."

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kudos to Dontae Stallworth.....

Following my most recent post, I was glad to read a story involving the Cleveland Brown's Dontae Stallworth. Stallworth unfortunately was involved in a DUI Manslaughter of a man in Miami following the conclusion of the NFL season. I do not condone drinking and driving whatsoever, but it seems as though Stallworth is taking responsibility for his actions. He remained at the scene of the accident and informed police that it was indeed his fault, he agreed to do community service and probation for alcohol/drug use and take coordinating preventative classes, as well as pay a large amount of money to the victim's family to avoid any lawsuit. Now I commend that he is taking responsibility for a mistake, albeit a very tragic one. He will have to live with the fact that he took another life, which for any normal person would be severe punishment in itself. He only recieved a sentence of 30 days in jail and lifetime suspension of his drivers license, which only makes since. He most likely will be suspended by the NFL and will be under the microscope when it comes to his behavior off the field. Time will only tell if this star will keep his nose clean and enjoy a lengthy career or will be relegated to a spectator in record time. No matter what it is certain, he is getting a second chance and it that fails, he could always play in the CFL, right Ricky?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Where Should the Line Be Drawn?

Any sports fan can see that the athletes that represent the teams we support, are becoming more and more apt to off-the-field issues. The NFL has had to deal with these issues continually for the past few years as the incidents have seemed to have increased. The most notable athlete to have been involved in off-the-field illegal acts was none other than Michael Vick. I personally have never been a fan of Vick, but he is exciting to watch nonetheless. When Vick was arrested for his involvement in dogfighting, the NFL definately took a hit. Vick was the NFL's "Golden Boy" as well as the Atlanta Falcons' answer to a Super Bowl drought. Unfortunately for Vick, the Falcons, Nike and his countless fans, he was sentenced to 23 months in prison. Thanks for playing Mike, hope you enjoy your life after football.....but wait......he may be back? Yes, Vick may be reinstated into the NFL following a stint at Leavenworth. I agree that everyone should have a second chance (with exceptions) but does he deserve to play professional football again and reap the rewards of multi-million dollar contracts? I don't pretend to know much about the legal system, but I am aware that former felons do have difficulties finding employment when they are released back into society. I think it is laughable that it is harder for former felons to find a job at McDonalds than it is to find a job in the NFL. Let's look at some of the players in the NFL that have had recent run-ins with the law: Plaxico Burress-shot himself in his thigh with a gun he had in the waistband of his sweatpants; Pacman Jones-too many times he has made it "rain" or was a conspirator in a shooting of somekind; and Tank Johnson-was found with an arsenal of illegal weapons, large enough to invade a small country. What owner would want to associate their franchise with these idiots? Winning is great, but is it worth sacrificing the integrity of your franchise and its employees? Some questions seem very easy to answer, I guess the more money you have the harder to use common sense is. Jerry, listen to Nancy.

Just Say No!

If Nancy Reagan were Jerry Jones' mother, a conversation could look a lot like this:

Jerry: Mom, some reporters have asked me if I intend to bring 'Pac-Man' back to the team.

Nancy: What did you tell them?

Jerry: Well...I may have lead them to believe that I was interested, and that 'Pac-Man' would be the best defensive back on the team.

Nancy: Are you serious?!?! Have I taught you nothing?!?! Don't do it Jerry! It will ruin your life, er Franchise!

Jerry: But, I like to hang out with the thugs and if they ask me to do something that I don't really want to do, I won't inhale.

Nancy: Jerry, Just say 'NO'! You don't have to give into the peer (Media) pressure! Walk away, JUST SAY 'NO'!!

Jerry: Are you even listening to me?!?! Do you even care what I have to deal with?!?!

Nancy: NO!! JUST SAY 'NO'!!!

So, in other words Jerry, Just say 'NO'. Don't fall into this media trap, and please don't bring anymore thugs to the team. I am begging you there are enough off the field issues to deal with, and besides what happened to Terrence Newmann?? Is he gone? That's the 'Boys' best DB right there. Shut your mouth, and keep 'Pac-Man' away!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Back Together!

This post goes out to all our readers (as most posts do):
I'm sorry we've let you down. We will try to be better, please don't leave. I know that there are other blogs out there some better, some not as good, and bloggers that may give more attention to their blogs. But we have recommitted to running a good blog. One that is filled with the greatest nonsense. One that will put all other outrageous blogs to shame. One that, when we look back on this we may be a bit embarassed by the petty little things we argued about. Yes, one that we can all be proud of!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

So Long T.O.

Well, the stock in popcorn might have seen its better days, at least for the time being. The Dallas Cowboys just 9 months after granting a contract extension to Terrell "Getcha Popcorn Ready" Owens, Big D released him on Wednesday evening. Of course this news will be at the top of every news talk program, sports blogs and cable programs....so why disappoint those "die-hard" TO fans? I am not sure if this move will bring the Cowboys any closer to a post-season victory or the Super Bowl, but only time will tell. This sports fan heard T.O. and Tony's relationship really went south when T.O. commented on Romo's gal pal's "voluptuous new figure". Obviously the gag order implented by J.J. probably didn't sit well with T.O. also as we all know T.O. has to share his feelings concerning "his team" and "his quarterback". Anyway, T.O. is back in the pool and is searching for his fourth marriage partner. I compiled a list of each of the NFL teams and the possibility of T.O. making their rosters. So sit back, relax, and grab some popcorn, this could take awhile......or maybe not.

Philadelphia Eagles - been there, done that.....doubt it seriously.

San Fransisco - yeah right, I guess they throw the ball five or six times a game..

Dallas - Don't count out JJ on changing his mind...

Washington - I wouldn't be surprised if Dan Snyder makes a move for another post-prime diva.

Minnesota - TO and Brad Childress never got along in Philly, wouldn't work in 'Sota.

Chicago - TO wouldn't get enough looks as Orton and Grossman throw more to the opposition.

Green Bay - Fans would sell their stock quickly if there was any talk of TO playing in the tundra.

Arizona - They did play in the Super Bowl....they could surprise again if they can't resign Boldin.

St. Louis - Even TO couldn't help the Rams.

Seattle - Rain makes popcorn soggy.

Atlanta - Doubt it, they just recovered from the Vick fiasco.

Detroit - TO + Rookie QB = Rookie QB career killed.

NY Giants - TO or Plaxico.....don't know if TO is into guns....

New Orleans - Could be a fit with a great QB.

Tampa Bay - Who's the QB?

Carolina - There is only 1 reciever in Carolina...and if you don't like it, Steve Smith will make you like it!

Indianapolis - I think one Indy pro team with issues is enough for the city.

Houston - Could he have better numbers in Houston.....that would be a kick in the pants to JJ and Big D.

Tennessee - Kerry Collins does need a quality reciever....

Jacksonville - A run-first, throw-second mentality isn't a good fit with TO.

New York Jets - They just had one Ego retire, could they invite a second to do the same?

New England - They took a chance on Randy Moss and it was successful?? Maybe.

Miami - Bill Parcels and Terrell Owens is like oil and water.

Buffalo - Mediocre QB and TO......the next Odd Couple?

Oakland - Where all post-prime or egos go at one time in their career.

San Diego - Philip Rivers thinks he is tough, TO thinks he is important....we might have a match?

Denver - Already set with Marshall and Royal.

Kansas City - Matt Cassell and TO might work......Cassell and Moss went ok.

Baltimore - Wasn't he supposed to play there before?

Cincinnati - I would love to see this as a fan. Ocho Cinco and TO on the same team....it would be Hee-Haw on a football field.

Pittsburgh - Big Ben would woop TO the first time he started any crap.

Cleveland - Cleveland has a football team?

Good Luck with your new capital venture TO!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Good Luck Major League Baseball.

I can remember when I was around 6 or 7 years old how much I wanted to be a professional baseball player. Just the thought of sharing the field with greats like Cal Ripken Jr., Don Mattingly, and Nolan Ryan was what drove many young boys to share this same dream. Unfortunately as I grew older the dream of playing in the bigs was replaced by a reality of having a full-time doing things other than playing baseball. For the MLB this is a good thing as those who can't play baseball attend games, buy merchandise and rely on those players to fulfill our dreams as young children. But in the last few years (notable 2000- present) Major League Baseball has started to alienate those die hard fans. Now instead of players playing for the "love" of the game, it has turned into a contest of who can be the next highest paid player. And now we find out MLB tested players in order to decide whether or implement random drug (steroid) testing. A-Rod, admitted he used in 2001-2003 because of "the pressure" he was under to perform while he was a member of the Texas Rangers. He also was the highest paid player in baseball history. Manny Ramirez has been offered many millions of dollars which he has turned down without even flinching. What has happened to the players who love the game and not the riches? Granted, you play sports at the pro level you will be rewarded financially, but to the tune of 250 million for 8 years (A-Rod Texas Rangers contract)??? Add into the mix the Mitchell report, Clemens vs. McNamee, a silent Mark McGuire, an opportunistic Jose Canseco and a possible jail term for Barry Bonds, the greats of our childhood may have not been as great as we had imagined. If players actually played the game for the history and the pure enjoyment of it, rather than the big checks and records, maybe the historic franchises would once again be historic (sorry Chicago, but it has been awhile), with a roster full of perennial all-stars who want to win rather than have an ego competition on who can cash the bigger check. Good Luck Major League Baseball, you're gonna need it!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Goodbye Coach Dungy

I have taken sometime to digest and think about Coach Dungy's retirement before I wrote anything. How do you say goodbye to the classiest man in professional football. He has been an inspiration to many including me. I was inspired by his book to be a better man and better father. I know the reason he is retiring now is to be an even better husband and father, which makes me admire him more. He understands that football is just a job and he can walk away anytime for something more important, not many coaches understand that. The simple way he talked and the way he never got out of control on the sidelines, the way his players look up to him, and the other coaches he has turned out are all thinks that I admire about him. While I wish he was staying on to coach another year, I understand. If I had the opportunity to spend more time with my family I would not pass it up. He truly is the best coach, in my opinion. Also, in my opinion he is one of the only coaches that didn't cut corners or bend the rules, which is another reason I respect him.

Coach, I am going to miss you!!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Is THIS the best there is?

The Arizona Cardinals vs the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl 43? Well, it could happen. The Cards and the Steelers are the last remaining regular season division champs still alive in the playoffs, but their opponents are more than capable of pulling off even more upsets. Who would've thought the hapless Arizona Cardinals would win a division title, let alone play in the NFC championship. Baltimore has been here before, except this time they have a QB, albeit relatively inexperienced, who can make plays and not force the defense to win a super bowl (sorry Mr. Dilfer). McNabb and Co. squeaked their way into the playoffs and show how some marquee running backs seem to step up their play towards the end of the season (thanks Brian W. (first round draft pick of the Doo Doo Crew, my ribs hurt ooooowwwwwww, but I can put superstar numbers up after your fantasy team is eliminated from the postseason....). And finally Pittsburgh, possibly the only real legitimate division winner still in the playoffs. But Pittsburgh is boring, so are the Ravens, and the NFC West is a joke, or are they? The Cards (9-7) definately benefited from having division rivals that would struggle against teams in the Mountain West Conference, but are they frontin' or are they 2 Legit 2 Quit? I think Kirtus Warnersaurus (ages maximus) leading the Cards to the Super Bowl would be a great story (The Rookie, Bull Durham, Old Yeller), but I am not sure about the rest of America. America might want a more intriguing story (enter Philly vs. Pittsburgh). Where is T.O. and his popcorn when you need him.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Should T.O. Go?

With the Pac-man out of a job, it seems that the Cowboys are looking for another head to chop and it might be highly paid wide receiver Terrell "get your popcorn ready" Owens. The question is should T.O. go? He has had an average year and not been much of a game changer or a play maker. He his paid something ridiculous like 8 million a year. I was listening to the Herd this morning and he was saying that a WR for San Diego slightly better stats than T.O. and he was only paid 800K. In fairness I think T.O. is a good player, overpaid, but good. I think with the right team and the with the right mindset on his part he could be a really great player. However, for this to happen he is going to get his head out of his rear and stop thinking he is the best. The stats don't lie. So, the question is should T.O. go? I think so, but to where?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fantasy Wrap-Up

How in the world did Scott come from behind and win our league again. I can't believe it. I mean, I know IUfan was out a long time ago (he started calling himself the doodoocrew), but I was in the hunt until the end. I wrapped up the playoffs first, heck I was regular session champ, but then RomoisBurning (scott) swoops in and takes the trophy leaving me in third place. I just wish my guys, like Cutler, Parker, Wayne, etc., didn't crap out on me in the second half of the season. Oh, well there is always next year, I am going to win one of these years, did you hear me scott!!!

Great QB's

I know whose not a great QB:


Another Take on the Great QB

The previous post hit the idea of a great QB pretty much head on. I agree that a QB should be measured by his individual stats, along with winning, etc. What I don't agree with, however, is the idea that Tom Brady is not a great QB. I know that IU Fan is a Colts fan also, therefore he is a bit biased due to the rivalry between the Colts and the Patriots. But, you have to consider several things about Tom Brady. First of all, when he became a starter for the first time all he did was win. Secondly, out side of the 2007 season he has had ZERO supporting cast in terms of top 10 talent at WR or maybe top 20. Example, in his first Superbowl season (and the ensuing two) Tom Brady's top wideout was, Troy Brown? And, in their latest Superbowl conquest his best receiver was Deion Branch, who's not really tearing it up lately. There are also the intangibles. Brady is a field general, much like Manning, he can make all the throws and has a strong arm. The injury from 2008 may jeapordize his career long-term, but even so he is a Hall of Fame QB.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Great QBs are GRRRRREAT!!!!

I believe a great quarterback can be on a poor team due to a lackluster defense. A great QB is considered great by the stats they put up or the championships they win. For example, Peyton Manning is one of the greatest QB's of all time, regardless of a Super Bowl victory, that only quieted the critics and naysayers. How about QBs like Dan Fouts, Bernie Kosar, and more specifically, Dan Marino. Marino, had a Hall of Fame career, but unfortunately did not win a Super Bowl. Individual Accomplishments have a great deal in measuring a great QB, as does a "team QB". For instance, Peyton's little brother is far from great, but won a super bowl.....how about QB's like Trent Dilfer (really???), Kurt Warner (sorry, but a pass happy Off. Coord. and great surrounding team will get a QB a lot of yards and TD's...example Tom Brady. Winning a Super Bowl will make a QB great for the present, but not in the scope of a career. Regardless of this argument, I think any man that stands the chance of being flattened by 250-300lb men is considered "great" in my book. Go Horse!