Tuesday, August 4, 2009

IUfan77's 2009 NFL Predictions....most likely to go wrong.

Well, NFL training camps began this past weekend so I figured it would be ideal to make my predictions for the upcoming season. Here goes.

NFC East

1. New York Giants - Pierce cleared and Hakeem Nicks possibly being groomed to replace Burress, Eli and Co. should be the team to beat in the NFC East.

2. Dallas - with T.O. and Jessica gone, Tony can now concentrate on utilizing some talent, hopefully Roy Williams won't disappoint in the Big D. Unfortunately what is keeping Dallas down is their pushover coach who doesn't have the intestinal fortitude to lead them to a top spot but can maybe get them a wildcard.

3. Philadelphia - If Westbrook and McNabb can stay healthy and the break-out receiving core from last year can produce, Philly could take the #2 spot and the wildcard from Dallas.

4. Washington - 'skins will be right where they were last year.....bottom feeding....with a .500 record most likely.

NFC North

1. Chicago - Cutler was a great addition to a team that still needs wide receivers.....but if Forte can put up the numbers he did last season and someone can step up for Cutler to throw to, the Bears could be pretty solid on both sides of the ball.

2. Minnesota - Oh how great it would've been if Brett decided to unretire? Well poor preparation by the Vikes got them a great receiver in Percy Harvin, but with Sage Rosenfels and Tavaris Jackson as the quarterback...they just blew millions of dollars....I hope AP is fully rested for another workhorse year.....the Vikes finish second because GB and Detroit are just not that good.

3. Green Bay - Another year...another mediocre season expected by the Pack. Rodgers will put up decent numbers, but the running and passing games are not too flashy and the defense can be suspect at times.

4. Detroit - Well they should win a few games this season. Hopefully Stafford will not become another Joey Harrington and ruin his career before it even began. He does have Calvin Johnson to throw to, but who is in the backfield this year?

NFC South

1. New Orleans - The Saints should be able to win the NFC South as long as their main weapons stay healthy. With an assortment of receivers and running backs last year, the Saints never really marched anywhere. If Bush, Shockey and Colston stay healthy, they should be pretty tough.

2. Atlanta - Matt Ryan proved that he belongs after his remarkable Rookie season in 2008. If Ryan and Turner can follow it up with the same numbers, Atlanta could challenge for the top spot. Key additions this year....1....Tony Gonzalez.

3. Carolina - I don't know how the Panthers did as well as they did last year....Delhomme was awful and Steve Smith went around assaulting his own teammates.....doubt they will be the top team in 09.

4. Tampa Bay - Although they are predicted to finish last in the division, I think they could finish around .500. A very mediocre team with a very mediocre finish.

NFC West

1. Arizona - This may sound crazy, but I think the Cards will repeat as division winners this year. Ok not really since their competition is pretty weak...I mean this is the weakest division in football.

2. Seattle - The Seahawks acquired TJ "Who's Yo Mama" in the offseason, but the success of the Seahawks will hinge on who's throwing the ball.....Hasselback or Wallace.

3. San Fransisco - They drafted a talented young wide receiver, but without a quarterback that can throw downfield, Crabtree's rookie season might be very disappointing.

4. St. Louis - More like St. Poouis.

AFC East

1. New England - There is no way Miami will win the division two years in row. Plus, Brady's back and he is ready to get on the field and away from changing those diapers.

2. Buffalo - The T.O. show has come back to the East coast. I think if T.O. and Edwards can coexist, with Lynch in the backfield, this young Bills team might win some games and raise some eyebrows.

3. Miami - Good running game, but how many times can you run the Wildcat offense and be successful?

4. New York Jets - USC alum Mark Sanchez is supposed to be the same caliber QB as Matt Leinart? And where exactly is Leinart on the Cards depth chart? Sorry Jets fans, Brett has left the building.

AFC North

1. Pittsburgh - As long as Roethlesberger can keep his mind on football and not on fast woman and pretty motorbikes, the Steelers should win the Central again.

2. Baltimore - Flacco got an early present when Derrick Mason unretired. Mark Clayton is an ok receiver and Willis McGahee can still rocket. The Ravens have a decent chance of competing with the Steelers for no. 1.

3. Cincinnati - I think the Bengals will get back to winning games now that Carson Palmer and Chad Ocho Cinco are now bff's again. They still have a suspect backfield and a lot of "suspects" on the roster.

4. Cleveland - Braylon Edwards is hurt in training camp and Dontae Stallworth will miss much if not all of the season due to his legal situation. I doubt the "Mangenious" Mangini can do much with this roster in 09.

AFC South

1. Indianapolis - The Colts should fire on all cylinders from day one as long as Peyton stays healthy. My only concern is the no. 2 wide receiver choice. I like Gonzalez, but the Colts need some height on the outside. If the defense shows up for all 16 regular season games, the Colts should win it all in 09.

2. Tennessee - The Titans took advantage of off-seasons by the Colts and Jags and really coasted through the season on the backs on their running backs and defense. The Titans will still beat down their opponents with the running game, but sooner or later, defenses will figure them out.

3. Jacksonville - The jury is out for the Jags. I think they or Houston are interchangeable in the last two spots.

4. Houston - Andre Johnson and some luck can get the Texans out of the cellar and maybe above .500.

AFC West

1. San Diego - LT and Rivers will make sure the Bolts win the AFC West, but LT is slowing with age so his chance at a Super Bowl win is slipping away quickly. It is now or never for SD.

2. Kansas City - This an upset in my mind, but Cassell has showed some promise and the West is wide open after the top spot.

3. Denver - The Broncos traded away a spot in the playoffs when they traded Cutler for Orton. The Broncos will be lucky if they finish ahead of the Raiders in 09.

4. Oakland - Blah, blah, blah. When are they signing Vick?

Well there you have it I hope you found my predictions to completely inaccurate, because they most likely will be.

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